CSC MC No. 1, s-2006 (Outstanding Officials & Employees)
CSC MC No. 2, s-2006 (Personnel Affected in the Executive Branch)
CSC MC No. 3, s-2006 (Termination Accredit Prog for Training Inst.)
CSC MC No. 4, s-2006 (Amend Eligibility Sangguniang Bgy Officials)
CSC MC No. 5, s-2006 (Termination of LSP Bachelor's Degree)
CSC MC No. 6, s-2006 (Enhancement Mamamayan Muna)
CSC MC No. 7, s-2006 (QS Technical Assistant C (SG14) Position)
CSC MC No. 8, s-2006 (Veteran Preference Rating (VPR)
CSC MC No. 9, s-2006 (Extension Outstanding Officials Employees)
CSC MC No. 10, s-2006 (Compliance Procedure in Filing SALN)
CSC MC No. 11, s-2006 (Use of Phil Tropical Fabrics)
CSC MC No. 12, s-2006 (QS for Internal Audit System Positions)
CSC MC No. 13, s-2006 (QS General Manager-Career Service)
CSC MC No. 14, s-2006 (QS Division Chief (SG-24) Position)
CSC MC No. 15, s-2006 (Avail 10 Day Leave VAW RA 9262)
CSC MC No. 16, s-2006 (106 Anniv Phil Civil Service)
CSC MC No. 17, s-2006 (Barred Entering Govt Svs & CSC Exam)
CSC MC No. 18, s-2006 (Amend Sec 84 Rule VI Admin Cases-Comp of Period))
CSC MC No. 19, s-2006 (Amend Recording of Govt Svc)
CSC MC No. 20, s-2006 (Amend MC 31-2001 Correction Birth Info)

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