CSC MC No. 01, s-2004 (Confidential Security of Elec-Appt Officials )
CSC MC No. 02, s-2004 (Search for 2004 Honor Award)
CSC MC No. 03, s-2004 (National Women's Month)
CSC MC No. 04, s-2004 (Guidelines on Appt of Physicians)
CSC MC No. 05, s-2004 (Public Sector Volunteer HOPE)
CSC MC No. 06, s-2004 (Clarification on Policies of QS)
CSC MC No. 07, s-2004 (Submission of SALN)
CSC MC No. 08, s-2004 (Guidelines on Solo Parents Leave)
CSC MC No. 08, s-2004 (Guidelines on Solo Parents Leave)
CSC MC No. 09, s-2004 (Extension Deadline Search for Honor Award)
CSC MC No. 10, s-2004 (Position Primarily Confidential)
CSC MC No. 11, s-2004 (Amendment Sexual Harassment)
CSC MC No. 12, s-2004 (Amendment Hiring on Contract Svs and Job Orders)
CSC MC No. 13, s-2004 (Clarification on Maternity Leave Policy)
CSC MC No. 14, s-2004 (Documents for Exemption on Contract Services)
CSC MC No. 15, s-2004 (Exemption Scientific and Technological on Nepotism)
CSC MC No. 16, s-2004 (Submission Appt and Oath of Office)
CSC MC No. 17, s-2004 (104 Anniv Phil Civil Service)
CSC MC No. 18, s-2004 (Galing ng Serbisyo Publiko Celebration))
CSC MC No. 19, s-2004 (Bachelor's Degree Completion)
CSC MC No. 20, s-2004 (Policy on Correction Personal Information)
CSC MC No. 21, s-2004 (Amendment on Guidelines on Study Leave)
CSC MC No. 22, s-2004 (3rd National Convention of Career Officials and Eligibles)

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