CSC MC No. 1, s-1994 (Amend Sec 1 AC 1987 (Govt Off Hrs)
CSC MC No. 2, s-1994 (1994 National Women's Day)
CSC MC No. 3, s-1994 (Mamamayan Muna, Hindi Mamamaya Na)
CSC MC No. 4, s-1994 (Amend MC No. 40-1993 on Creditable Services)
CSC MC No. 5, s-1994 (Publication of Positions Subject to Renewal)
CSC MC No. 6, s-1994 (3rd Congress of Woemn in Government)
CSC MC No. 7, s-1994 (Uniform Conduct of Values Orientation Workshop)
CSC MC No. 8, s-1994 (Inclusion of 10 Accredited VOW Trnrs MC 7-1994)
CSC MC No. 9, s-1994 (Guidelines in Accreditation of Trng Inst)
CSC MC No. 10, s-1994 (Acc of Trng & Dev Prog for Agency's Employee)
CSC MC No. 11, s-1994 (Amen QS for Confidential Asst Position)
CSC MC No. 12, s-1994 (Amend MC No. 38-1993 Dropped from the Rolls)
CSC MC No. 13, s-1994 (Prohibition Against Appointment-Election)
CSC MC No. 14, s-1994 (Job Fair in Public Sector)
CSC MC No. 15, s-1994 (Revision MC 33-1992 Personnel Reports)
CSC MC No. 16, s-1994 (QS Radiologic Technologist Position)
CSC MC No. 17, s-1994 (Adopt a Sreet-Park Program)
CSC MC No. 18, s-1994 (LSP for Skilled Workers in Government)
CSC MC No. 19, s-1994 (Policy for Sexual Harassment in Workplace)
CSC MC No. 20, s-1994 (Amend Code of Conduct & Ethical Standard)
CSC MC No. 21, s-1994 (Coverage of Career Executive Service)
CSC MC No. 22, s-1994 (QS Positions in Phil Aerosspace Dev Corp)
CSC MC No. 23, s-1994 (Amend MC 46-1993 Court Personnel)
CSC MC No. 24, s-1994 (94 Anniv Phil Civil Service)
CSC MC No. 25, s-1994 (Training on Sex Harassment Prevention in Workplace)
CSC MC No. 26, s-1994 (Implementing Guidelines & Procedures on LSP)
CSC MC No. 27, s-1994 (Amend Accreditation Program in MC 7-1993
CSC MC No. 28, s-1994 (Observance of Moral Guidance Week)
CSC MC No. 29, s-1994 (WID Focal Point Members Assessment)
CSC MC No. 30, s-1994 (Checklist of Reasonable Working Condition)
CSC MC No. 31, s-1994 (94 Anniv Phil Civil Service)
CSC MC No. 32, s-1994 (Amend MC 38-1993 Employement Status of Teachers)
CSC MC No. 33, s-1994 (Posting & Hanging of Posters)
CSC MC No. 34, s-1994 (Amend Creditable Services MC No. 4-1994)
CSC MC No. 35, s-1994 (Autho to Fill Up Vacant Pos in 12 Months)
CSC MC No. 36, s-1994 (Employee Services on Part Time Job)
CSC MC No. 37, s-1994 (Amend Specific Cases MC No. 38-1993)
CSC MC No. 38, s-1994 (Authority to Fill Up Vacant Positions)

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