CSC MC No. 1, s-1991 (Sanction in Cheating CS Exam)
CSC MC No. 2, s-1991 (Agency Support in Values Dev Program)
CSC MC No. 3, s-1991 (Policy on the Use QS)
CSC MC No. 6, s-1991 (Mitigating & Aggravating Circumstances)
CSC MC No. 7, s-1991 (Contingency Program in Emergency Situation)
CSC MC No. 8, s-1991 (Merit System to State Colleges & Universities)
CSC MC No. 9, s-1991 (Fixing of SALN)
CSC MC No. 10, s-1991 (Rice Supply to Salary Deduction)
CSC MC No. 11, s-1991 (Policy On Status of Appointment)
CSC MC No. 12, s-1991 (Panibagong Sigla 2000)
CSC MC No. 13, s-1991 (Installation of Suggestion Box)
CSC MC No. 14, s-1991 (Dress Code for All Govt Officials & Employees)
CSC MC No. 15, s-1991 (Disqualification in CS Exam as an Accessory Pernalty)
CSC MC No. 16, s-1991 (Policy LWOP In Succeeding Sat, Sun & Holiday)
CSC MC No. 16-A, s-1991 (Clarificatory Circular on MC No. 16-1991)
CSC MC No. 17, s-1991 (Amend Maternity Leave in LACE Manual)
CSC MC No. 18, s-1991 (Policy on Absenteeisn & Tardiness MC 4-1991)
CSC MC No. 19, s-1991 (REFER MC33-1992 Use of Certification & Placement Baseline Data Form (CPForm 1)
CSC MC No. 20, s-1991 (Economy Measures in Trang & Dev Activities)
CSC MC No. 21, s-1991 (Policy on Govt Working Hours)
CSC MC No. 22, s-1991 (Classification of Private Secretary Position)
CSC MC No. 23, s-1991 (Amend Use of QS & Substitution Educ, Trng & Experience)
CSC MC No. 24, s-1991 (Work Assistance Program (SWAP)
CSC MC No. 25, s-1991 (Clarificatory Circular Dress Code MC 14-1991)
CSC MC No. 26, s-1991 (REFER MC33-1992 Standard Report on Govt Personnel)
CSC MC No. 27, s-1991 (RA 7941 Rule on Publicatio Vacant Position)
CSC MC No. 28, s-1991 (Effectivity Date of Compulsory Retirement)
CSC MC No. 29, s-1991 (Clearance in the Issuance of Appt MC 48-1990
CSC MC No. 30, s-1991 (Smoking Prohibition)
CSC MC No. 31, s-1991 (Guidelines 10 Days Monetized Leave Credits)
CSC MC No. 32, s-1991 (Sumission of QS before Approval of Appointment)
CSC MC No. 33, s-1991 (91 Anniv Phil Civil Service)
CSC MC No. 34, s-1991 (Tree Planting Day)
CSC MC No. 35, s-1991 (Bayanihan ng mga Kawani Biktima ng Mt Pinatubo)
CSC MC No. 36, s-1991 (2nd Nat'l Congress of Women in Government)
CSC MC No. 37, s-1991 (Observance of Moral Guidance Week)
CSC MC No. 38, s-1991 (Clarification on Mandatory Submission of QS)
CSC MC No. 39, s-1991 (Council of Personnel Officers Attendance in All CPO Meetings)
CSC MC No. 40, s-1991 (Step Increment Based on Merit CSC-DBM Circular 1-1990)
CSC MC No. 41, S-1991 (Jurisdiction of CSC on Decisions in Adm Cases)
CSC MC No. 42, s-1991 (Policies to Professionalize Civil Service)
CSC MC No. 11, a-1990 (Seminar Special Libraries Ass of the Phil)

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