CSC MC No. 1, s-1990 (51st Nat'l Convention Chemical Engineers)
CSC MC No. 2, s-1990 Violation of Civil Service Examination)
CSC MC No. 3, s-1990 (Plebiscite Cordillera Autonomus Region)
CSC MC No. 4, s-1990 (2nd Nat'l Congress of Women in Govt)
CSC MC No. 5, s-1990 (Authority to Women Org to attend Congress)
CSC MC No. 6, s-1990 (CSC Res 073-1990 (Bar, Board etc Exam)
CSC MC No. 7, s-1990 (1990 Government Internship Program)
CSC MC No. 8, s-1990 (Fake Civil Service Eligibility)
CSC MC No. 9, s-1990 (3rd Reg Conv Association of Supply Officers)
CSC MC No. 10, s-1990 (Posting in Official Transaction with the Public)
CSC MC No. 12, s-1990 (4ht International Conv of Govt Personnel)
CSC MC No. 13, s-1990 (Position of Head Exec Asst as Confidential)
CSC MC No. 14, s-1990 (RA 6850 Eligibility Who Rendered 7 Years Service)
CSC MC No. 15, s-1990 (Courtesy Campaign in Civil Service)
CSC MC No. 16, s-1990 (Res No. 435-1980 Protective Svs Position)
CSC MC No. 17, s- 1990 (Outstanding Public Service)
CSC MC No. 18, s-1990 (High Risk Functions Additional Insurance)
CSC MC No. 19, s-1990 (Request Correction of Date of Birth)
CSC MC No. 20, s-1990 (Frontline Services Management Seminar)
CSC MC No. 21, s-1990 (Four Day Work Week Schedule)
CSC MC No. 22, s-1990 (Outstanding Officials & Employees)
CSC MC No. 23, s-1990 (Criteria Most Fit Qualified Applicants)
CSC MC No. 24, s-1990 (New Appointment in Vernacular)
CSC MC No. 25, s-1990 (Revised RA 6850 Elig to 7 Yrs Service)
CSC MC No. 26, s-1990 (Consultant in Contractual Basis)
CSC MC No. 27, s-1990 (Compulsary Retiree to Complete 15 Yrs Svs)
CSC MC No. 28, s-1990 (Amend MC 9-1989 Trng & Dev Program)
CSC MC No. 29, s-1990 (Flexitime Schedule during DTS)
CSC MC No. 30, s-1990 (Revocation of Appt Civil Security Off & Agents)
CSC MC No. 31, s-1990 (90 Anniv Phil Civil Service)
CSC MC No. 32, s-1990 (Nat'l Congress of Women in Govt)
CSC MC No. 33, s-1990 (Agency Employees Assemblies)
CSC MC No. 34, s-1990 (Employment Under Foreign Assisted Project)
CSC MC No. 35, s-1990 (Exhibits in Civil Service Week)
CSC MC No. 36, s-1990 (Merit System for Scientific Career System)
CSC MC No. 37, s-1990 (PWDs Can Take Civil Service Exam)
CSC MC No. 38, s-1990 (Creation of Council of Personnel Officers)
CSC MC No. 39, s-1990 (Display Banner During Civil Service Week)
CSC MC No. 40, s-1990 (5th Nat'l Convention on Produvtivity)
CSC MC No. 41, s-1990 (Transfer of Empoyees to Oversight Functions
CSC MC No. 42, s-1990 (Contempt Power of Civil Service)
CSC MC No. 43, s-1990 (Appt Pending Resolution of a Protest Cases)
CSC MC No. 44, s-1990 (On Appeal Before the CSC)
CSC MC No. 45, s-1990 (Gen Assembly Nat'l Comgress of Workers)
CSC MC No. 46, s-1990 (Issuing Job Orders in Hiring Casual)
CSC MC No. 47, s-1990 (Conciliation & Mediation Service in Public Sector)
CSC MC No. 48, s-1990 (Clearance in the Issuance of Appointment)
CSC MC No. 49, s-1990 (Preventive Suspension
CSC MC No. 50, s-1990 (Computation LWOP re Length of Service)
CSC MC No. 51, s-1990 (MC 41-1990 Transfer of Employee)
CSC MC No. 52, s-1990 (Women's Month Celebration)
CSC MC No. 53, s-1990 (Nepotism as Grave Offense)
CSC MC No. 54, s-1990 (Confirmation Contractual Appointment)
CSC MC No. 55, s-1990 (Right to Collective Negotiation in the Public Sector)
CSC MC No. 56, s-1990 (Right to Access in Records Kept in CSC)
CSC MC No. 57, s-1990 (Grant of Eligibility With RA 1080)
CSC MC No. 58, s-1990 (Outstanding Public Service Award)

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